Student Guide Tool Tips notes

My profile : The Student Profile section of an LMS offers a personalized overview of a student’s personal information saved with us.
Support : This icon is a gateway for students to report issues or seek assistance, allowing them to submit queries or problems directly to the support team for timely resolution and support.
LMS Student Guide : An LMS Student Guide provides essential instructions for navigating and using a Learning Management System, covering course access, assignments submission, and progress tracking. It aims to enhance students’ online learning experience and success.
Assigned Units of Competencies: This section lists the units of competencies assigned to you, detailing what skills and knowledge areas you are expected to master as part of your coursework.
Yellow Icon : This icon indicates that the completion deadline is approaching, with 7 or fewer calendar days remaining.
Red Icon : This icon signifies that the completion date has already passed. It’s important to complete this unit as soon as possible. Assistance is available from support staff and trainers if needed.
Units View:
Unit of competency: A Unit of Competency defines a specific skill or knowledge area that is essential for successful performance in the workplace, as part of a qualification or training program.
Learning Resources: Learning resources encompass a variety of materials and tools designed to support and enhance the learning process.
Assessments: Assessments are divided into two parts: Assessment Tasks, which involve practical applications and projects, and Written Assessments, which consist of written quiz which will have MCQs.
Assessment Tasks: Assessment Tasks allowing students to demonstrate their proficiency and understanding of the subject matter through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios.
Written Assessment: The written assessment includes various types of responses such as detailed descriptive answers, dropdown options, True/False questions, in addition to the standard multiple-choice questions, assessing students’ knowledge and understanding of the course content through objective measures. By clicking on this icon you can request for the written assessment of the unit.
Workplace evidence report: A Workplace Evidence Report is a document where students compile and present evidence of their practical skills and knowledge applied in a real-world work environment, showcasing their competency in specific tasks.
Unit dashboard: The Unit Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the entire unit of competency, including learning resources, written assessments, assessment tasks, and key elements, organizing all essential components in one accessible location.
Unit feedback: Unit Feedback is a feature that allows students to provide their own insights and evaluations about the unit, helping educators understand their learning experience and identify areas for enhancement.